Orange is the new rose-perfume

If we were to stick with naturally produced beta-carotene and meet the demand for industrial quantities, then we would have to find the organism with the highest possible beta-carotene content on Earth…So we did!

Watch vitamin A in kiddos! No kidding!

Children ages 5 or less are a very special category of candidates for enriched vitamin A diet or supplementation intake. That’s because of three potential reasons: mother’s malnourishment during pregnancy, measles or pneumonia infection, or simple growth requirements for the age.

Your body won’t say NO to vitamin A!

Not too long ago I was searching for vitamin A related videos on YouTube. I wanted to see what was the “current state of affairs” in vitamin A awareness. It struck me that the most scientifically correct videos had the least number of viewers and the most entertaining, least accurate ones had the top viewership.

How much vitamin A you already take?

Since we gravitated around vitamin A for nearly two weeks now, let me ask you: have you ever thought that you need to take vitamin A and you wondered how much you should take every day? Did you surf the internet and maybe Youtube and learned that your less than perfect eye-sight during the night … Continue reading How much vitamin A you already take?

Why you should NEVER eat bear or seal liver

While investigating the facts and fiction of vitamin A hypervitaminosis, I found myself able to confirm with published scientific evidence why one should NEVER eat bear or seal liver. By never I mean never-ever, even if facing starvation somewhere far away from any civilization. Tempting as it is to learn how people discovered this, I … Continue reading Why you should NEVER eat bear or seal liver