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These selections and their alternatives suggested for your specific region are NOT automatically picked by a computer algorithm but evaluated by myself for the reliability of their active & inactive ingredients, length of time on the market (postmarketing surveillance), and past customers’ feedback. Nonetheless, always double-check and seek the opinion of a clinical provider as it is impossible to account for every clinical particularity. Most over-the-counter products are designed to work for most people; however, we are all different and there is no universally safe treatment for anything. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any doubts or concerns, I am always happy to discuss your individual case and recommend the best solution for you.

Remember it is always better to avoid guessing when shopping for supplements, over-the-counter medications, and even cosmetics.

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These lollipops are a fantastic way for kids and parents (or adults of any kind for that matter) to get their vitamin C. They contain 60mg of vitamin C each, which is 100% of the daily recommended value and can really deliver that amount through your mouth mucosa, instead of your stomach and intestines – thus you will absorb most of the given dose of 60mg.
IMPORTANT INFO: given the mucosal-delivery design, only minimal amounts of this product will make it to the stomach; hence this product will NOT improve iron absorption if taken at the same time with iron supplements.
Vitamin C lollipops
The idea that we are under the constant surveillance of our genes and that some of our actions direct the decisions of our genes to shorten our biological time left me without words. I never thought about the, now seemingly intuitive, fact that my having a heart attack may be a strategy of my genes enabling my offspring access to vital food resources…This theory about the actual driving forces of evolution gave me food for thought since. I even started working on conveying to my genes the messages that I want them to understand. It sounds unusual, crazy, even insane – I know!
– Dr. Alice (From Blog Post: My genes, my way)
Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution Book
Recommended for periodical iron replenishment in young women, less for anemia treatment. My position on 2x/3x daily administration is this: if once daily is insufficient, then you need a different form of iron! May upset stomach more than iron bis-glycinate, but less than fumarate or polysaccharide. Take in the morning with orange juice or lemonade on an empty stomach. Having it with white bread toast or regular crackers is OK, with wheat bread is not OK. If taking it with water instead of OJ/lemonade, then add 500mg of vitamin C to help meet the same absorption requirements. Check out my post on this matter and also read my recommendation for each vitamin C product to find out which one is suitable for administration with iron. Absolutely no coffee or tea within 2hr of taking this supplement, consider caffeine gum instead; no milk or dairy product either. Iron Replenishment 
Garden of Life Probiotics Supplement for Men delivers a complex mix of 15 different probiotic strains together with the necessary prebiotic fiber mix to jump-start their growth and acclimation in the gut environment. This product is richer in Bifidobacterium than the one designed for women, thus it may cause cramping and/or bloating if administered to a woman. The supplement is developed for adult men’s needs, hence it is not indicated in children. For teenage boys (if needed), initiation of supplementation on a child dose is recommended. Graduation into the utilization of this product should only be pursued under clinical supervision only if initial symptoms that led to the utilization of a probiotic still persist. Contact me for a personalized recommendation at any time. Garden of Life Probiotics for Men
This sleep aid dissolves quickly and gets absorbed immediately through the oral mucosa, thus does not require water. I found the statement “drug-free” misleading: this does contain melatonin, of course. Although all melatonin dosage forms are available from this manufacturer, only low-dose products may be purchased in Europe. The directions for use are 1 tablet 20 min before bedtime. I would add: make sure that you do not, in fact, treat caffeine toxicity. In that case, you need caffeine detox, not melatonin. Read my post on caffeine before treating its side effects with melatonin! Sublingual Melatonin
If you think of using this product, then you absolutely must know that this is a drug, as much as any other over-the-counter medicine is. Each and every one piece of gum in this pack equals to one regular cup of real coffee. Remember this and expect not only the benefits but also the unwanted effects – check out my blogs on coffee and caffeine to find out more. MEG caffeine is absorbed straight through the oral mucosa, thus expect an effect much sooner than that achieved after drinking a cup of coffee. Under no circumstances use this product while also enjoying a cup of coffee! If you absolutely need caffeine in the morning and must as well supplement iron orally, then this product might be what you need. Remember to seek clinical advice before deciding for more than one piece of gum. Military Energy Gum
If the cat party was the cause of your sleepless nights, NaturVet got you covered! The supplement is designed to meet feline needs; however, you will find it interesting that the ingredient added in the lowest amount to this cocktail is… melatonin. Compared to the human dose of melatonin, the melatonin dose in the cat product is proportionally lower due to the much lower weight for the average cat. Nevertheless, this supplement contains tryptophan, a compound that cats can easily convert into their own melatonin, at the specific requirements of their body. In animals, thiamine deficiency affects the serotonergic system having subsequent effects on sleep, thus the addition of thiamine to this product is supported by research. From this point of view, the product is developed with your cat in mind. Cat Melatonin+Thiamine

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