As new science discovery unfolds, new drug development catches up at unprecedented rates. With them, the need for high-quality open access healthcare information increases exponentially, as well. There is an offer vs. demand balance: pharmaceutical industry makes more drugs because we demand more out of our daily routine. Yet, are our lives totally dependent on medications? Are we, sooner or later, going to need them anyway? Can exercise and a healthy diet prevent disease and aging-associated metabolic changes in everyone? My answer is NO.

I started the MSA Tour 2018 to share scientific evidence that rarely makes it on time to the ones in need. My commitment is to reach them both in person and online. So, aside from holding free seminars across the country, during this tour I will also be filming patient education materials aimed at improving the medication safety, as well as meet with current and future collaborators to plan coming events or to learn more about drug safety.

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Cape Vincent, NY – Lake George, NY

May 31st – Jun 2nd: Filming patient education materials. Check out candid shots here.

Boston, MA – New York City, NY – Whippany, NJ

Jun 3rd – 5th: Precision medicine workgroup planning. A brief will be pictured here.

Bear Tree, VA

Jun 6th – 7th: Filming patient education materials. Check out candid shots here.

Knoxville, TN

Jun 8th: 2018 Pharmacology Update, University of Tennessee. Check out what happened, here.

Memphis, TN

Jun 9th – 12th: Filming, lecturing (Anemia & Cancer, Vitamin D, and Probiotics & Prebiotics), and meeting old friends. I am a UT-HSC alumnus, thus Memphis is home for me. Take a peek at what’s going on, here.

Atlanta, GA

Jun 13th – 20th: Lecturing on Anemia & Cancer, Vitamin D, Probiotics & Prebiotics, and Metformin. Take a peek at my presentation here and check out more candids here.

Glendale, AZ

Nov 16th – 19th: Filming and lecturing on Anemia & Cancer, Vitamin D, Probiotics & Prebiotics, and Metformin. Pics to follow here.