Having a bad flu in January

There are times when people come to help me without being asked and that is when I realize that they genuinely want to bring value into my life. It must be Universe’s way of telling me that I am not alone; that I am cared for and loved as an integral part of this World. … Continue reading Having a bad flu in January

What do we do to deserve the flu?!

The story that I’m about to tell you was the research analysis of nobody more savant than a very observant kid growing guppy fish. Like any history that one doesn’t learn the lesson of, this history was about to repeat itself over and over until the lesson was taken. I didn’t get that lesson until … Continue reading What do we do to deserve the flu?!

Daring to share

You’d think that having one iron deficient child, will be a good lesson to prevent the second child from running into the same nutritional deficiency problem. Yeah, right! It took me several years to figure out how my youngest one became iron deficient despite feeding him right and giving him children’s multivitamins with iron.