Counting back from omega

If you are a human being living on Earth, you know by now that omega 3 fatty acids are some of the most sought-after supplements on the planet. 

The iron, the spinach, and Popeye the Sailor

It turns out that Popeye the Sailor was designed to gain his strength from spinach because 150 years ago the German chemist Eric von Wolf miscalculated the actual amount of iron in a spinach serving! His miscalculation led to the belief that spinach provided 35mg of iron per serving, an amount unequaled by any other … Continue reading The iron, the spinach, and Popeye the Sailor

Daring to share

You’d think that having one iron deficient child, will be a good lesson to prevent the second child from running into the same nutritional deficiency problem. Yeah, right! It took me several years to figure out how my youngest one became iron deficient despite feeding him right and giving him children’s multivitamins with iron.

Could ADHD be iron deficiency anemia?

Too many mothers think their children suffer from ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). Some decide to medicate their children with amphetamine or other stimulants. As a mother, I lived through the slashing feedback of various experienced teachers. They thought my kids, too, had to be evaluated for ADHD and I felt vulnerable in making my … Continue reading Could ADHD be iron deficiency anemia?