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Sleep Aids

Whether you traveled from the continental U.S. to China and have to deal with jetlag or you partied hard and now try to get back on schedule, a sleep aid is probably what you had in mind. Whatever the reason, double check with a healthcare professional and make sure that you do not, in fact, treat caffeine toxicity (i.e. difficulty falling asleep due to caffeine amounts uncleared from your body). In that case, you need caffeine detox, not melatonin. Read my post on caffeine before treating its side effects with sleep aids!

Availability of supplements and over-the-counter medications varies across the globe. Thus a specific product that I recommend here may not be available in your area. If that is the case, a reliable alternate option will be displayed for you. These selections and their alternatives are NOT automatically picked by a computer algorithm but evaluated by myself for the reliability of their active & inactive ingredients, length of time on the market (postmarketing surveillance), and past customers’ feedback.

Dr. Alice’s Recommendation Product Link
This sleep aid dissolves quickly and gets absorbed immediately through the oral mucosa, thus does not require water. I found the statement “drug-free” misleading: this does contain melatonin, of course.
This product is designed and formulated for occasional use (i.e. jet lag).
Each gummy provides the synergistic effect resulted from the combination of 3mg of Melatonin and 200mg of L-Theanine. This product is formulated for occasional use, containing Theanine to potentiate Melatonin’s effect without sedation.
Designed to control melatonin’s release steadily over 8 hours. Similar to another supplement manufactured by Natrol, I found the statement “drug-free” misleading as it does contain melatonin. Each tablet also contains 10mg of vitamin B6, a supplement that stimulates the production of own serotonin and melatonin. If necessary, this product can be combined with a low-dose “fast dissolving” melatonin for both a fast and sustained effect. Results may vary depending on the presence of other health conditions and drug treatments. This product is not recommended for first time use. Contact me for a personalized recommendation.

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