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Omega 3

Should you just look to supplement your omega 3 fatty acids or plan to lower your cholesterol a notch, look no further! As a general rule, fish oil is a much needed nutrient but maximizing its benefits is a very tricky job. First and foremost, what we do not want in fish oil is: mercury, polychlorinated biphenyls, and vitamin A. Omega 3 safety depends on its source, so check the label. I like to know the amounts of EPA/DHA fractions (and other) in order to dose it properly. I also prefer a product that did not come straight from the fish. Don’t get me wrong, I like natural products, but don’t like mercury and PCBs. It is safer and better to take fewer softgels at once, so pick a product that has the appropriate EPA/DHA content for you. They all must be taken with food as a tiny amount of oil/fat is needed in the gut to let the pancreas know to release the enzymes needed for absorption. With these said, take a look and let me know if I can be of help in selecting the right omega 3 supplement for you.

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Dr. Alice’s Recommendation Product Link
This product has one of the best ratios quality/price. It contains purified omega 3s, thus has minimal possible contamination with mercury or PCBs.
A great and effective every day supplement, however may be less effective in lowering your LDL or TGs due to the lower EPA content (360mg EPA, 240mg DHA, EPA/DHA ratio 1.5). You may double the dose to 2 softgels but not more at once as it may upset stomach or gut. Does not contain flavor enhancers which means that different individuals may appreciate its taste differently – have that in mind. Yet, it is a product you can trust.
A more recently launched product bringing the benefit of less to no fish aftertaste. The amounts of EPA/DHA are comparable to Solgar and same is the price (depending of various sales). I recommend it as a routine supplement rather than for actively lowering LDL/TGs. One may take two with each meal, but not more.
New formulation with outstanding strenghts: delivers 756mg EPA, 228mg DHA, and 1000IU vitamin D3 per softgel (an EPA/DHA ratio of 3.3). This product is designed to control inflammation, provide immunity and fight both LDL and TG cholesterol effectively. Among the advantages: taken with every meal provides over 2g of EPA daily; delivers an effective amount of vitamin D (3000IU daily); has the advantage of taking one softgel instead of 3 (generally 2 omega softgels and one vitamin D softgel) which may provide too much filler and upset the stomach/gut. Comes from a well established supplements manufaturer and is, in my opinion, one of the best products I found on the market.
This is a Kosher product delivering 700mg EPA and 440mg DHA per dose of two softgels. The EPA/DHA ratio is 1.59 – only just over the needed 1.5 for maximized effectiveness. It provides an exceptional quality and has a considerable postmarketing surveillance. I do expect this product to be effective but perhaps less than the “Garden of Life” product above.
This product provides molecularly distilled omega 3 – 500mg EPA and 250mg DHA (EPA/DHA ration is 2, so expect enhanced effectiveness). Thus, it is the least likely to be mercury of PCBs contaminated and can be administered as double dose for enhanced cholesterol-lowering effect.

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