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The idea that we are under the constant surveillance of our genes and that some of our actions direct the decisions of our genes to shorten our biological time left me without words. I never thought about the, now seemingly intuitive, fact that my having a heart attack may be a strategy of my genes enabling my offspring access to vital food resources…This theory about the actual driving forces of evolution gave me food for thought since. I even started working on conveying to my genes the messages that I want them to understand. It sounds unusual, crazy, even insane – I know!
– Dr. Alice (From Blog Post: My genes, my way)
Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution Book
Find a collection of some of Dr. Alice’s favorite coffee recipes that she uses to make just the right cup of coffee every day. Learn how you can tailor the amount of caffeine in your morning coffee to balance the wakeful stimulus with the less desirable intestinal and heart rate stimuli.