My inbox reported a new incoming message from a longtime friend. As I glanced at its first lines, it caught my eye in an unusual way. It read: “I thought of you because you know much better than many what change means (in general and in particular). Enjoy and share further if you like it”.  Before you know it, I was reading. I did not stop until one hour later after I finished the wonderful little story that she thought I’d enjoy. She wasn’t wrong: I LOVED IT, with capital letters! For a second I wondered how did I miss this story for 20 years, but this thought flushed quickly because it mattered less. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Hence, the two decades weren’t gone in vain.

…And then it occurred to me. Wait a minute, she wrote something that made me read this so quickly! Paradoxically, although my mind registered her message in an instant, I did not recall what I read. So, I rushed back to her message. First, to say “thank you” and – second – to understand what in the world made me react so quickly on it. It was just then that I fully grasped on her note. More importantly, it was just then that I understood why it took two decades until I crossed paths with this story: because I would have failed to identify myself with the right character without reading her note.

This is the story, my friends. I loved it, so I share it with you all. Remember to share what you learned and save a life. Stay healthy!

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