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Hi, I’m Dr. Alice!

I teach people how drugs work, when they are needed and why. Health-related science is meant to be shared with all in need at any point in time. The information on this blog and in my drug files is entirely free for you to watch, share and disseminate – of course, giving credit to this website – but not to sell or raise any profit from. I trust that you can save a life knowing all I share here! That’s why I do it.

Why read if you don’t take any medications?

That’s up to you, your curiosity, and desire to learn. It’s also up to your willingness to help others, show them you care and take the extra step. Medication awareness is as valuable as CPR training or the existence of defibrillators within reach in a mall when your life depends on it. Think of this information as a retirement savings account in which you deposit time and awareness instead of money. You will find here more about:

  • What happens when drug treatment is delayed or avoided altogether
  • Why skipping annual check-ups may cost you years of life
  • The consequences of not following a treatment as prescribed by your physician
  • What did the package insert really mean by… that?
  • How do you know a drug is doing what it is supposed to?

In addition to sharing what I know about drugs, I also teach people how to take medication, and how food affects it.

What makes me and my blog different from other drug- or health- related sites?

  1. I am a clinical pharmacist. If I make a recommendation on my blog for or against using a certain medication or health-related product in a particular given situation, I do so because of my clinical judgement, based on published peer-reviewed evidence, and – of course – based on my own experience as a clinician and health provider. This also does not mean that the respective medication or health-related product is “good” or “bad” in general, not at all! A certain drug utilization that I do not support in a given circumstance may only be contraindicated in that particular instance. It may very well be THE LIFE SAVER in another. Even water is bad if given too much, too little or when not needed! So, you see where I’m going with this… We like to blame “the bad drug” forgetting about the the shared responsibility due by countless of uninformed, misinformed, and/or malinformed users, clinicians, scientists… Long story short: same as shoes, a treatment recommendation may fit many, but not all. ASK for clarification! I will give you my opinion and reference for you at least one – but, likely, more! – reliable source(s). If I cannot do this on my own, I WILL find the authority in the matter and invite him or her as a contributor on this website to provide you with the clarification that I could not offer myself.
  2. Reading this blog, joining the discussion forum and watching my current and future video drug files will provide lots of information to you for free. Register to receive regular updates, post and participate in the forum to stay up-to-date on facts that you are interested in. Send me your comments and suggestions through this blog and feel welcome to contact me with more specific drug- or health-related questions that cannot be posted in comments due to obvious reasons. You are more than encouraged to open discussions and ask questions on the Forum. My feedback will be as free as the rest of the information here!
  3. Yes, I get paid for and am licensed to provide personalized therapy consulting. If you want to learn what this is and why it is worth it for many people, take a peek. I do make an income from affiliate marketing as this allows me to provide a free and properly updated content to you. While I am not opposed to any ethical strategies other bloggers use, the products or services I promote will be clearly marked as marketing or affiliate marketing. I will also make available information about the specific FDA-approved use or application of that respective product and the alternates available with their pros and cons.

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Dr. Alice

I teach people how drugs work, when they are needed, and why. My expertise as a pharmacist and researcher allows me to determine whether taking or not taking a drug will pose any risk given all current circumstances that apply at this moment. Many times we don't know unless we try, but other many times walking the extra mile pays off giving in return more wonderful moments and more to give to others.

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