Here’s what’s going on…

Jun 1st


We are only 30min into the MSA2018 and my excitement is thoroughly challenged by tiredness. It’s passed midnight and all I want in Cape Vin is a bed to crash. Packing us all for this tour was insane to say the least but fun, nevertheless. We literally carry everything, from film making equipment to full camping gear and from all professional to formal tuxedo attire. Mechanical and electrical emergecy gear for the car is on-board as well (not to mention the digital arsenal!). We gave up the rental plan and decided to actually buy a car instead. So, here we are living a whole new cruising experience in a 73k miles Lincoln Town Car!

As we shaved our first 300 miles off the MSA tour, all I can say is: “we’re nuts, sure thing!”. However, we work really well together 🙂


Finally made it in Cape Vin… It very much seems that we are the only ones in this motel – at least alive! Hahaha!

The owner left our room unlocked for us – how nice 🙂 Judging by the revealing curtains, we really are alone here… Well, at least isn’t Halloween!


I woke up so stiff that I needed a hot shower to move. Wondering what was the mattress made of?! Thought about asking the receptionist but there was still nobody around…


No other humans around


Yep, you guessed it: no neighbors, no other cars parked… no-body. I mean, seriously! Oh, no cell signal either.

We left.

[Yeah, we found out later that they charged the card but that still doesn’t prove the “human” part of that place :D]

Today’s moments

On our way to the Adirondacks!

Jun 2

Morning on the Lake George

Leaving New York State, heading towards Vermont and Massachusets. The blasting discovery today wasn’t that T-Mobile requires roaming in most US rural areas, but the fact that one could get it (via AT&T towers) at the atrocious price of $1 per Megabyte of data. Now, considering that our last month’s data was about 700 Giga – meaning 700,000 Mega, the expected price for an equivalent data traffic at our current location (or thru similar locations on the MSA trip) would only be… $700,000! Hahahaha! T-Mobile, seriously…, that’s gotta be a joke!

(it was serious, really)


Made it in Boston!!