Here’s what’s going on…

June 6

Good morning, MSA2018 fans!

We started the day with delicious coffee & bagels and jumped back on the road eager to see more of the absolutely fantastic Jefferson Forest. Virginia’s 70miles/hr legal speed allowed us to hover a good hundred miles since this morning and all we see around is… forest. This place is beyond belief, kidding you not!

Pictures coming soon, as well as brief updates about our UV testing experiments. Stay tuned!

Part of the Apalachian Trail, the Jefferson National Forest spreads between the Apalachians and the Great Smokey Mountains. Its Northern side continues with the George Washington National Forest, together assembling a teritory larger than several states of the union.

The place is one of the most perfectly balanced ecosystems I’ve seen. Wild turkey, cardinals, and laced blue butterflies rarely shy away (but they do especially when you pull the camera!).

These ginormous plants look very much like magnolia and rododendron. Will look them up as soon as I get internet access.

When you see a pull-off on the road in the forest, that is a promise of something interesting being hidden near by…

…and it was!

June 7

Despite the shade, the high altitude keeps the UV exposure pretty high. We filmed quite a few examples of why sunscreen is needed even in the forest. This is one of our UV exposure experiments – enjoy!