Here’s what’s going on…

Left Buffalo on the night of Nov 14th (just past midnight on 15th, to be more exact) riding the train from Depew to Chicago. Aside from being a far more budget fitting, the considerably longer ride (10h) is more comfortable, warmer and was meant to build on my progress toward the metformin book. The train has electrical outlets and wifi just enough to access a reference here-and-there.

Well, this plan didn’t go uneventfully. First, I managed to book the wrong train – for the midnight of Nov 14th instead of 15th. Luckily, Amtrak rocks and this got solved on time without getting blamed for poor planning. Second, I thought that 5h between train arrival and flight departure would be enough to catch my flight to Phoenix, AZ. That is yet to be confirmed! Here I am, running behind a broken train. I am, luckily, riding the functional train behind but without much advantage. We do have heat, power, and food – kind courtesy of Amtrak for our now nearly 3h delay in making it to Chicago.

Train snapshot_tiny
Here is a snapshot of my window view
Amtrak snacks tiny
Amtrak’s snacks – yumm!

Nov 15th, noontime

Hopeful to catch my flight. I decided to take the CTA from the railroad station to the O’Hare airport to avoid any unforeseen traffic jams. Not quite settled with this decision but I figured it’s better than avoiding a decision :D. Checked-in online and my husband already alerted the airline about the train delay. They gave me until 1:40pm to drop my checked luggage before 1:55pm boarding time. Fingers crossed.

PS. The time difference luckily will help as Chicago time is one hour behind my current time. It’s already 12:40pm on the train but only 11:40am in Chicago. We crossed the timeline just…NOW!


The train made it 10min ago, I jumped off it first and made my way through the crowd to a no less than 50 people taxi line outside the station. My heart stopped. Maybe I shouldn’t make it to Phoenix?

As the lady ahead of me apologized for touching me ever so slightly, I confessed this being by far the least trouble I experienced today. She kindly asked what happened, so I told her in the sortest sentence how I am about to miss my flight. In the next minute this super-woman moved the entire line on the side and I was literally in the next taxi cab (tearful and waving kisses and thank you’s to everyone.

Witnessing the scene, the driver only knew that he must haul as fast as he can. We are still hauling (1:18pm) up to an insane traffic at times. Will I make it?? Only God knows but on the way I surely got to meet some of the most amazing people in Chicago!! I love them so much!!!!!


I’m 6miles away. Sajad, the cab driver, is awesome! He would make such a great coach for anyone: he’s already convinced me that the weather is in my favor 🙂 I’m telling you all: he’s freaking AWESOME!


Luggage dropped. In line for security check. Boarding already started. OMG!



Gate closing time: 2:20pm

God almighty, thank you!


Landed in Phoenix over some spectacular views of the Arizona desert, even got some writing done on the flight. Life is good! I can’t wait to meet my Glendale audience. Metformin book writing time, here I come! Hope you enjoyed the adventure, will be back in touch soon.